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Guidelines for video uploading and live streaming of our games

2020/10/30 first release


This guideline has been created for the purpose of allowing players to live stream and upload videos without worry. Please note that this is not a statement of legal validity.

This guideline is based on the Japanese version. If the content is different in other languages, please follow the Japanese version. (Maybe translation error. Please point out to us.)


These guidelines apply to the following games

  • CounterBlocks (Steam edition)
  • 反撃BLOCKS (CounterBlocks AppStore edition)

No copyright infringement is claimed for the games, whether individual, corporate or monetized, as long as the subject game agrees to and complies with the following terms and conditions.

  • Videos must be primarily intended for viewing gameplay.
  • The video must be available to all viewers for free.
  • The video must not contain any content that is offensive to public order and morals, and if it is judged to be inappropriate by the rights holder, they will request removal of the video.
  • Do not upload or live stream any play that falsified the game program, resource data, or memory area managed by the program.
  • If you are requested by the right holder to remove it, you must comply with the request regardless of the reason.
  • The rights holder is not responsible for any damage caused by the posting and distribution of the video.
  • These guidelines may be updated at any time. Please check it regularly and follow the latest guidelines after the revision.


We do not issue promotion codes or distribute product copies.

The criteria for judging public order and morality and inappropriateness are at the discretion of the rights holder. Typical examples include, but are not limited to, crimes, discrimination, slander, annoyance, violation of rights, and violation of guidelines established by the use service. Please note that we cannot enumerate them all.

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